Heidegger’s ‘mineness’ in comparison with Buddhism

Comparaciones entre el “sentido de propiedad” de Heidegger y el Budismo

Thrown into the world


This essay will attempt to explain and analyse Heidegger’s position on authentic and inauthentic being in his text Being and Time, whilst simultaneously critiquing his ideas of Dasein being characterised by its ‘mineness’. As I criticise Heidegger’s idea of ‘mineness’ throughout the essay, I will also compare and analyse it with the alternative idea that is the Buddhist viewpoint on ‘mineness’ or lack-thereof. Heidegger uses ambiguous terms that can be potentially challenging, so in order to get into the density of this essay, I will briefly explain some of his terms.

The term ‘mode of being’ is used by Heidegger in order to discern between different ways that one may see the world or act in the world (Raffoul 1995, p. 353). For example undifferentiated, authentic and inauthentic being can be described as different modes of being. Authenticity can be characterised by the being that acknowledges itself whilst encountering…

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